Cognitive Automation Solutions

FireVisor Systems is committed to lead the cognitive automation revolution.

What Is Cognitive Automation?

Manufacturing focus has been on Industrial Automation for the past decades. Traditional automation focuses on replacing manual processes with machines that operates on if-else type problems. Cognitive automation goes beyond and provides automation solution based on cognition.

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Cognitive defect Detection

Highly Adaptable

No re-implementation needed if specification or material changes as our machine learning models can learn changes themselves.


Our models not only beat our competitors in accuracy but provide even more accurate results than human operators.

Little Data needed to get started

Get started with as little as 200 defect images.


Cognitive Defect Analysis

Defect Localization Analysis

Engineers can analyze hundred thousands of defects in a single glance.

Defect Relationship Analysis

Frequent-set analysis finds out which defects occur together inferring relationship among different defect types.

Predictive Analysis

Data gathered from our analytics engine can be used to train our proprietary deep learning algorithm to perform prediction, reducing the troubles of unscheduled downtime and maintenance.

Data-Backed Monitoring Solution

Cognitive Monitoring

AI enabled real-time anomaly detection highlights unusual defect rates. As the system is self-learning, no process engineer need to manually tune thresholds.

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