Our Team

Surbhi Singh


Before FireVisor, Surbhi has built automation systems for semiconductor and memory giants that saved them thousands of unproductive work hours. She aims to make manufacturing great again. When not working on that, she buys more books than she could ever read and wonders why things work the way they do.

Fun Fact: She once jumped over the boundary wall and escaped school.

Long Hoang


Long is passionate about creating strong teams of empowered engineers. At times, he tinkers with his biosensors and mines his personal location data. Before FireVisor, he started two tech companies in Germany and Hong Kong. When he is not building a company, he plays ultimate frisbee, does rock climbing and travels the world.

Fun Fact: He can open a beer bottle with only a piece of paper.

Mark Mangubat

Executive Assistant

Previously worked with a global financial institution and managed at a telecommunications company and an online furniture store, Mark has a degree in Information Technology and is easily thrilled by new things, faces and places. He considers himself an acolyte of mother earth,  befriends nature as his way of unlocking the secrets of the universe and believes the truth is more than we are told by science.

Fun fact: During his free time, he either elaborates thing in his head or wins imaginary arguments.

Gabriel Ravindran

Business Development

Gabriel has extensive experience in the FMCG manufacturing field, starting his first company while he was a second year banking and finance university student. He made his first foray into technology when he joined the Founders Institute accelerator in 2015 and has been hooked ever since. He aims to marry manufacturing with the power of artificial intelligence/automation. When he isn’t working he plays poker, goes prawning/fishing or is travelling.

Fun Fact: Growing up, Gabriel aspired to become a marine biologist.

Niccolo Lampa

Software Developer/Data


Nicco has 10 years of extensive experience in data analytics in various sectors (finance, retail, etc). Wanting to further improve his data analytics skills he decided to study programming during his free time. He then discovered his passion for building things and providing solutions. From then he has focused on software development. 

Fun Fact: When not coding, Nicco loves to go surfing.

Girish Sharma

Forward Deployed

Software Engineer

Always ready for a pint of Beer, Girish is a Forward Deployed Software Engineer at FireVisor. Girish holds a degree in Information Technology, and he loves to solve complex engineering challenges. Besides his engineering role, he has a keen interest in Natural Language Processing. If you don’t find him working on something, there are good chances that he is traveling. 

Fun Fact: He adores dogs but encountering them sets him on his nerves. 

Tin Nguyen

Machine Learning


Tin has broad experience in machine learning, AI. He has been working on projects applying AI in different fields like AdTech, Video surveillance and manufacturing. He’s keen to harness the power of AI to solve problems in manufacturing and bring academic research closer to the industry. He enjoys reading in his free time.

Fun Fact: As a kid, he wanted to be a scientist, and win a Nobel prize.

Prateek Jain

Software development


Prateek is a big fan of Open Source, a major contributor in FOSSASIA, and won CodeHeat. He’s vigilant about Software security and writes maintainable, clean code that is least vulnerable. A big fan of data privacy, he also loves DevOps and recently made Firevisor’s CI-CD pipeline. He loves Linux and hence loves to work on servers. When not working, Prateek is probably somewhere in the Himalayas hoping to get lost and returning home after a few years with some superpowers (Iron Fist?), or in his room watching a TV-series.

Fun Fact: Prateek loves to take photos and go on treks

Achutha Pai

Company Advisor

Achutha Pai is an Experienced Professional with more than 30 years of leadership experience in Engineering, Maintenance and Project Management. He has successfully delivered projects that have enabled companies to achieve huge capacity and productivity improvements through highly automated solutions using robots, PLCs, data analytics. These projects made companies cost-competitive without any impact on safety and quality indices. Well versed in how to achieve operational excellence, he is an expert in implementing Change Management, Business Analysis and making companies profitable in the long term. His know-how covers a wide range of industries including semiconductor, PV, automotive and agro-based industries.