FireVisor is creating Self-Aware Factories

Our journey to the Self-Aware Factory

Manufacturing is a 17.2 trillion dollar industry, creates 21% of all jobs in the world, and is the central engine of global economic growth. But today’s factories are dumb. An army of human inspectors are needed to make sure no fault escapes the production line and an army of process control engineers constantly tweak and monitor machines.

This is ridiculous, because the machines, on the other hand, produce an abundance of valuable data. However, the data is unused and simply gets discarded. It’s so much data that humans are not able to analyse it. We want to make use the mass of data to make factories self-aware.

Imagine a self-aware digital factory, that has enough cognition to learn its own processes. Imagine an Artificial Intelligence that can understand what is happening in their factory and improve processes. Imagine a world where AI makes manufacturing so robust, we have surplus for all of humanity. The surplus created by our solution could improve productivity to such an extent that it will be visible on a countries GDP.
Surbhi Singh

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